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Party Signature Provisional
RatificationS=Signature without reservation or requirement of ratification R=Ratification, Acceptance, Approval or Notification A=Accession Su=Succession NK=Not Known Entry into force Renunciation Termination
Belgium 27-11-1990 31-03-1993 (R) 01-07-1997
France 27-11-1990 10-04-1997 (R) 01-07-1997
Germany 27-11-1990 (S) 01-07-1997
Italy 27-11-1990 15-03-1994 (R) 01-07-1997
Luxembourg 27-11-1990 31-03-1993 (R) 01-07-1997
Netherlands, the Kingdom of the 27-11-1990 22-05-1997 (R) 01-07-1997