Convention amending the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, with a view to making applicable to the Netherlands Antilles the special régime of association defined in part IV of the said Treaty

Treaty data

Treaty number 004713
Date of conclusion 13-11-1962
Place of conclusion Brussel
Provisional application
Entry into force 01-10-1964
Retroactive effect
Treaty Series
Parliamentary paper 0000256499 (external link)


The Convention was in force for the Netherlands Antilles from 01-10-1964 until 10-10-2010.

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Koninkrijksdeel Provisional
Entry into force Retroactive effect Termination
Netherlands (in Europe) 01-10-1964
Netherlands (Bonaire) 10-10-2010
Netherlands (Sint Eustatius) 10-10-2010
Netherlands (Saba) 10-10-2010
Aruba 01-01-1986
Curaçao 10-10-2010
Sint Maarten 10-10-2010

PartiesParties with a link have a reservation.

Party Signature RatificationS=Signature without reservation or requirement of ratification R=Ratification, Acceptance, Approval or Notification A=Accession Su=Succession NK=Not Known Entry into force Renunciation Termination
Belgium 13-11-1962 12-03-1964 (R) 01-10-1964
France 13-11-1962 10-01-1964 (R) 01-10-1964
Germany 13-11-1962 21-04-1964 (R) 01-10-1964
Italy 13-11-1962 14-09-1964 (R) 01-10-1964
Luxembourg 13-11-1962 22-05-1964 (R) 01-10-1964
Netherlands, the Kingdom of the 13-11-1962 02-07-1963 (R) 01-10-1964

Parent treaties

Title Date of conclusion Place of conclusion
Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union 25-03-1957 Rome
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